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Tyler Jon Marrone is a resident of Columbus, Ohio ​. In April 2018 he was arrested for methamphetamine ​ possession after he flew to Palm Beach County, Florida ​ in attempt to meet Donald Trump ​ and smoke cannabis ​ with him. [2] [3]

Personal Life

Tyler Marrone's mother said her son suffers from depression ​ and paranoia ​ and quit taking his psychiatric medication ​. She said he has twice tried to commit suicide ​. [2]

According to court documents, on April 18, 2018 Tyler Marrone, arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport ​ with the intentions of meeting with President Trump and "smoking a joint with him at Mar-A-Lago ​, and have a sit-down meeting with the president" [3]

The United States Secret Service ​ had flagged him as a "suspicious person" based on social media ​ comments, and stopped him at the airport to talk to him. During Marrone's interview he reportedly told officials he found a credit card ​ and thought it was a gift from God so he bought a ticket to Florida to see the president. [2]

Marrone underwent a mental health assessment with officials from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office ​ and reportedly told them that he had "self-prescribed Adderall ​ in his bag." [2]

Marrone was told he would be taken in to custody and taken to a mental health facility ​. [3]

Before he was transferred, authorities checked his bag and say they found a small clear plastic baggie containing an unknown white powdery substance. Marrone reportedly told officials "that's my Adderall, I need that, can I have a pinch before you take me to the hospital?" [2]

The white powdery substances tested positive for methamphetamines, according to the Sheriff's Office. He was charged with possession of schedule substance. [2]

Palm Beach Deputy Kathleen Zeranski wrote in an arrest report that Marrone "had full intentions of driving to Mar-a-Lago and walking onto the property" to speak directly with the president about the voices he hears in his head and coming from his basement. She also wrote that Marrone met the criteria for involuntary hospitalization under Florida's Baker Act ​ law. [2]

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