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TXT Traffic Exchange Token is a Hong Kong based EOS dApp that rewards users for viewing and engaging with ads and targets the $335 billion market of digital advertising, which currently operates in a black box. [1] [2] [3] EOSAsia is building the dapp along with the TXT token. [4] [5]

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The dapp aims to tokenize advertising value of digital activities, across all devices and browsers. [6] Through this space devices and browsers, the idea is then to incentivize viewers for viewing ads and they are going to have a mobile app and a plug-in to connect to the TXT ecosystem. The main mission of the dApp is to remove the middleman man. TXT will be focused on websites, news websites, blogs, and etc. [7]

Image of an illustration of TXT Traffic Exchange Token as seen on their mainnet.

How It Works

Users will need to install a browser plugin or a mobile app. [8] Once installed, the users can start earning tokens just by viewing the ads on their network. The views will be validated by miners. Users with higher authenticity values will earn more tokens over time. [9]

The idea is also to replace middlemen with a decentralized system of contributors. This provides trustworthy view/engagement verification for advertisers, a fairer distribution of revenues, and an open governance for which ads/publishers will be accepted. [10]

Also, upholding the value of user authenticity will become an integral part of the system. They fend off bots by having a minimum identify proof threshold for mining. [111]

The advertisers then can benefit from a lower cost of inventory on the TXT Network by using crowd-validated impressions. Advertisers may also use fiat currency to purchase, but at a higher price. [12]

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The TXT Network enforces distributed validation for event tracking such as ad impressions or clicks to ensure trustworthy tracking data for publishers and advertisers. [13]

  • Each event is sent to multiple third-party validator nodes . These nodes must agree on the event list before the events are added to the blockchain.
  • We use WebSockets to form networks of validator nodes. This allows any ad viewer to connect easily to a decentralized validator.
  • Validator nodes keep persistent connections and use machine-learning-based algorithms to reject fraudulent events.
  • Stored event data is encrypted such that only the publisher and the authorized party may view it. [14]

To combat fraud, the TXT community must be incentivized to maintain the quality of both publishers and viewers. [15]

  • Publisher Registry & Rating System with staking and challenges to maintain integrity. Higher rated publishers earn more tokens.
  • KYC to activate ad viewers as participants in the network and filter out bots. Stronger KYC validation offers a higher share of tokens rewarded.
  • In-browser engagement metrics to filter out fake traffic. [16]


Phase I

  • 2018 Q1 — TXT Foundation founded
  • 2018 Q1 — Institution-only private token sale as ERC20 token on Ethereum
  • 2018 Q2 — First prototype for TXT reward mechanism based on EOS testnet [17]

Phase II

  • 2018 Q3 — Integrate user identification verification
  • 2018 Q4 — Alpha launch of Chrome Browser Extension Ledger/Wallet/Profile Management on testnet [18]

Phase III

  • 2019 Q1 — TXT Network demand side partnership program launched
  • 2019 Q2 — Alpha launch partnership with Strikingly publishers [19]

Phase IV

  • 2019 Q3 — TXT Network supply side partnership program launched
  • 2019 Q4 — Official launch of TXT Network [20]
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