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TRUFFL is a full service creative agency and incubator that specializes in branding, social media, photography and video, graphic design, influencer marketing, partnership and events. [1]


TRUFFL was founded in 2013 by Raphael Farasat and was known as the TRUFFL Members’ Club in its first incarnationan invitation-only community for leading creatives who come together over unique dining experiences. TRUFFL was inspired by a solo trip that Farasat took around the world when he was fresh out of college. He craved the spontaneous and unique experiences he stumbled across during his travels and TRUFFL was a way to share that sense of adventure with others. [2]

TRUFFL slowly evolved into more than just a facilitator of wild experiences, it evolved into a leading strategic consultancy and brand incubator. TRUFFL has provided services for clients like Heineken, Spotify, Sonos , Tesla, and FX along with startups, restaurants, hotels, venture capital firms and more. [3]

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