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Trevor McGowan (known as Trevaun)[2] is an American rapper, music producer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was born 29 August 2002 in Tusla, Oklahoma USA. His genre of music is Hiphop/Rap. In 2014, he began rapping after a few years of working in the music production industry.


Beginning his career producing electronic music, he later changed his style to hip-hop after hearing the works of inspirational artists, such as XXXTentacion 's 17 album.

In August 2017, his first hip-hop single "Virtue and Vice" was released.[5] In April 2019, he released his debut album Vertigo[6] , which had been in the works for around 1 year prior to its release. The album has 10 tracks and features the talents of DJ-Z!,[8] Shiloh,[7] Kaylynn Moeller[9] , and Jalen Montel.[10]

Personal Life

Trevor Michael McGowan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma[8], United States[9]on August 29, 2002. At a young age, McGowan enjoyed all aspects of music, listening to artists from mixed genres such as Pink Floyd[10], Kendrick Lamar[11], Muse[12], and U2[13]. At age 10, he started using FL Studio[14] to produce electronic music, which was heavily influenced by deadmau5[15] and Skrillex[16]. He obtained his first guitar, but never played it until he was 13.

Music Journey

In 2012, McGowan began his music career under the name Matrinix[17]. After releasing a full-length album, four EPs and eleven singles (all since then have been deleted), he decided in 2014 to retire Matrinix[18] and instead produce under the name Hansum. That name showed to be unsuccessful, and in 2015, he changed his name again to Luhcuna[19].

A couple of years had passed since going under the name "Luhcuna[20]," and McGowan soon felt as though he would not reach any audiences with that name (there was a band with the name "Lacuna Coil"[21] that confused people). He decided that, in 2017, he would make one final name change. He chose Trevaun[22], which he felt much more comfortable with. In the summer of 2017, he released his first single, Virtue and Vice[2].

In March of 2018, he began to work on his debut album, and in April of 2019, he released Vertigo[3]. The album has 10 tracks and features the talents of DJ-Z![4], Shiloh[5], Kaylynn Moeller[6], and Jalen Montel[7].

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