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Tractor is a Moravian-Prague hardrock band playing Stanislav Balko who plays guitar, Martin Kapek is the band's singer, Karel Ferda plays bass guitar, Pavel Balko on drums and Petr Bartošek on keyboards. [2] [1]


The Beginning of the Tractor We can date back to the spring of 2001, when the former members of the Tarantula and Wizard bands joined together, Standa Balko, Martin Kapek and Karel Ferda. This trio roughly after a year was completed by Pavel Balko (formerly also Tarantula) and Petr Bartošek. This creates the Tractor's flagship platform. The Traktor is publicly presented at various musical events, mainly in the festival season, in the spring and autumn are Club Tours. In 2004 Popron Music releases a debut album With a slash it is better with the untraditional hit Pamela. This is a video clip. The creation and recording of the second act takes over the band for five years, with the CD titled 69 being released in April 2009. Two months later an official video clip for the song Cosmosen was made in cooperation with Zdeněk Izer. After a two-year break, in February 2011, Traktor moves into the studio again to see the world's third CD Tmel in June, which, with the right amount of energy, gave the tractor a second bigboy decade. Visually, the band released the release of The Mask in autumn 2011 by filming a new video clip for Sybil. The 2012 season was marked by the spring TMELtour, where music clubs played a major role. The summer was already marked by festivals. From the footage of the Venice Night 2012 was finally created the second official video clip - Láskožrouti. Autumn 2012 marks the beginning of work on the fourth CD. In the spring of 2013, Traktor is standard in various CZ and SK environments. In the 2013 season, besides concerts, songs for the fourth CD called ALCATRA'N'Z are finalized. In mid-September, TRAKTOR enters BombJack and until 4.11. has his fourth row shot. The official release is 15.11.2013, with 9.11.2013 going on the autumn tour, which is associated with the new CD. Spring 2014 is about the 5th concerts, with the fifth being untraditionally lying on a steamboat Tyrš during a cruise on the Vltava river. This action was taken as a FAMILY FANS TRAKTOR meeting and the first official video clip for the song from the fourth CD of Katakomba

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