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Tracer [1] is a company based in Madrid, Spain that uses Blockchain technology to create smart tickets that give artists and promoters complete control over how their tickets are used.


Tracer was founded in 2016 by Jorge Diaz Largo, an ex-VP at Ticketbis who helped the company reach $100 million in revenue and spearheaded growth into 48 countries. Ticketbis was eventually bought by eBay to help StubHub expand over the Atlantic. [2] Largo brings his unique expertise in the $46 billion dollar ticketing market [3] to a new venture that aims to provide transparency and accountability to the ticketing business via Blockchain technology. The smart ticket allows artists to decide whether or not their ticket can be resold and what will happen if it does. This effectively allows artists to curb ticket resale which amounts to an $8 billion dollar market. [3]

Even though Tracer is built on the Blockchain, founder Largo has no plans to do an ICO: [4]

Don’t get me wrong – I like Aventus, and lots of these other start-ups, and it’s very exciting, all these people bringing this innovation into the industry is fantastic news. But we have no plans to do an ICO, and no plans to sell any tokens. We’re focusing more on the problem the industry has, and how that can be solved with Blockchain.

As of early 2019, Tracer has raised a little over $1 million dollars from recording artist James Murphy, prominent music executives, and Boston-based venture capitalist firm, Pillar. [4]

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