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Todd Michael Leininger is an American citizen who was imprisoned in Venezuela for five years without being convicted of any crimes. [1]


In April 2014, Todd Leininger and his wife were arrested in Táchira, Venezuela after police raided his apartment and found an array of weapons. He was arrested on a bevy of charges including accusations that he was a right-wing state agent. He was eventually charged with attempted murder and arms trafficking. Leininger's wife was released 8 months later, but she is not allowed to leave the country. [1]

His mother told the Miami Herald that he was only there to visit his wife:

Leininger said her son traveled from Indiana to San Cristóbal with his Venezuelan wife last week. His only plan, she said, was to take his sister-in-law household goods such as toilet paper, which have become hard-to-find amid Venezuela’s economic crisis.

Leininger admitted to shooting someone, though it may have been in self-defense. He has Tourette syndrome, Anxiety, and Obsessive–compulsive disorder and takes several medications that were unavailable during his incarceration.

On April 26, 2019, Leininger's family issued a statement that he had been released by Venezuela's government and he had returned to the United States. Todd's mother, Barbara Leininger, said: [2]

Over the past five years, all I have hoped and worked for is Todd’s safe return home. This was a long and often heart-breaking journey, but I am so grateful to be reunited with my son and to have him back home in Indiana

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