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Tiffany Riebel is a Clinical Social Worker and Therapist in the United States of America.[9] She is a long time supporter and advocate for the (NASW) National Association of Social Workers - Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. A member of the (CSWE) Council on Social Work Education, she is a peer reviewer in education, ethics, research, and practice proposals; and a peer reviewer for the NASW Children & Schools Journal.

Tiffany Riebel is an activist in the fight against human trafficking. Serving as a leader on a human trafficking task force, she worked for education, prayer, and outreach for this cause. She is trained in TF-CBT and CTG-CBT from National Crime Victim Research and Treatment Center. Tiffany Riebel has presented research on trauma-informed care and healthcare screening of human trafficking, and helped to incorporate it into emergency department assessment. She is certified as a (CCTP) Certified Clinical Trauma Professional by the IATP.

Also an advocate for peace, she has volunteered for Pax Christi USA in the National Headquarters, and for the Massachusetts regional Board of Directors. Pax Christi seeks to pray, study, and act for peace. Tiffany Riebel honors theories of pacifism and humility in interpersonal relations.

Tiffany Riebel studied Social Work and Psychology in college, serving as Social Work Club Vice-President and a SOUL community service program student. She obtained her graduate training from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work, and Case Western Reserve University, Mandel School of Applied Social Science-Social Service Administration, earning a Master of Social Work, Clinical, Direct Practice degree. She is certified in Higher Education Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Tiffany Riebel is a strong proponent for continuing education and has completed advanced trainings such as: Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; positive psychology, mental health, medical ethics, human development and education, and clinical research at Harvard University; pediatric health/mental health and autism at Yale Child Study Center, and family treatment/school groups with Anna Freud Centre in London. She has served as an Affiliate Member for the founding of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, and frequented Grand Rounds at the hospital. She has spent time in analytic lectures and therapeutic programs with (BPSI) Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. She has examined dialectic mentalization in the family triad, and is a member of the Brazelton Learning Network, Children's Hospital Boston. Tiffany Riebel is trained in diagnostic assessment and therapeutic intervention, using the DSM, PDM, DC:0-5, and Character Strengths and Virtues manuals. She is certified in (EAP) Employee Assistance Program services from the National Catholic School of Social Services. Tiffany is interested in brain health and more clearly identifying good models of intervention for practitioners. Tiffany Riebel additionally holds certificates in the arts of meditation, holistic nutrition and health coaching from MBC Wellesley, as well as poetry writing from Oxford University England.

A faithful Catholic, Tiffany Riebel is a pro-life practitioner. In 2010, she met with the State Governor of Massachusetts in campaigning for pro-life standards. As a young adult, she founded a fellowship at St. Anne's Church in Fall River, Massachusetts, and was also a member of the Saint Jerome Society of Catholic Young Adult Professionals in Cambridge. She has published writing on the Theological, Human, and Cardinal Virtues from the Social Doctrine and Catechism of the Catholic Church. Helping People Flourish, was her focus of study at Divine Mercy University, Institute for the Psychological Sciences. Tiffany Riebel is a member of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association, and Catholic Health Association, and participant in the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care. Tiffany Riebel has received the Eagle of the Cross award from the Catholic Church, for outstanding character, leadership, and service. She attended the World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis in 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Tiffany Riebel is an advocate for parity in mental healthcare, interdisciplinary coordinated care, and de-institutionalization of State Hospitals, as a member of the ACSWA and (CSWA) Clinical Social Work Association. She has worked with new families, pediatric populations, adolescents and adults; in cousneling centers, school, and medical and psychiatric settings. Tiffany Riebel has taught at hospital-wide education forums. Tiffany Riebel has worked in higher education, learning university administration, and translational science research.

Tiffany Riebel is the recipient of the Caught You Caring Award in Healthcare, for emergency department response to family trauma.

Tiffany Riebel is a member of the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, and a surveyor for the (ICCE) International Center for Clinical Excellence.

Tiffany Riebel is a published author in the genres of children's books, education and self-help, and religion.

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