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The Road to Tophet is a 2014 award-winning feature film shot in Chapleau, Northern Ontario, Canada. [1] The film is about French-Canadian man involved in cross-border drug trade in Northern Ontario. After he decides he wants to leave the industry, his boss sets him up to force him to stay. [2]

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The Road to Tophet Trailer [5]



Charlie, a french-Canadian kid, smuggles drugs over the American border into northern Ontario to make some extra cash. When he decides he wants out, his boss s ets him up to lose a shipment. Trapped, he sees no way out ... until his friend Johnny shows up with a bunch of gambling debts and one bad idea that leads them both down the Road to Tophet. [1]

"There are No Angels South-East of Hell" [2]

- Tagline



Crime / Thriller / Drama [1]

Release Dates

Canada 5 September 2014 (Toronto Independent Film Festival)
Canada 27 December 2014 (True North Film Festival)
USA 7 March 2015 (Green Bay Film Festival)
USA 19 March 2015 (Queens World Film Festival)
Germany 22 October 2016 (International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema) [2]


The Road to Tophet - source: [6]
Adam Beach, Samuel Thiverge, Alika Autran, Axel Green, Matt Connors, Christine Teixeira, Soroush Saeidi, Steve Gagne. [2]

Directed By

Steve Schmidt [2]

Written By

Steve Schmidt, Samuel Thivierge, Axel Green [2]

Screenplay By

Steve Schmidt and Jeremy Beal [2]

Produced By

Steve Schmidt, Alex Green, Brian Edwards, Samuel Thivierge, Paul Thivierge, Kyle Corston, Tova Arbus [2]
The Road to Tophet Awards - source: Facebook [1]


Green Bay Film Festival 2015

Winner Best Director Steve Schmidt [2]

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Berlin 2016

Winner Festival Award Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film Steve Schmidt Kharisma Pictures [2]

Toronto Independent Film Festival, CA 2014

Winner Jury Award Best Micro-budget Feature Steve Schmidt [2]
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