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The Rising is an American news site founded by Steven Li. The company covers how changes in the environment impact business, politics, and technology. A niche publication, The Rising is dedicated to such coverage to involve the general publication in a discussion regarding climate change and related topics. Part of its mission is accessibility. With this mission, The Rising hopes to stray from paywalls and other barriers to entry for readers to access its coverage. At the moment, you can find The Rising's content on Facebook[4], LinkedIn[5], Twitter[6], and select subreddits.


The Rising was started in March of 2019 and currently has hundreds of readers daily. It is student-run, operated by students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[1], the University of Chicago[2] and UC Santa Cruz[3]. In April of 2019, The Rising raised some grant money from the University of Illinois's Founders @Illinois organization, and to date, is continuing to raise money to fund its operations.

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