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The Next Web conference is a tech conference hosted by The Next Web . It takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 9 to May 10, 2019.[1]

List of Speakers


Aina Abiodun (CEO, 8Fit)

Olaf Acker (Partner, PwC Strategy&)

Nathan Adamson (Co-Founder & CEO, Radtab)

David Allen (Author, Getting Things Done )

Rama Allen (Executive Creative Director, The Mill (company))

Ekaterina Almasque (Venture Partner, OpenOcean)

Joao Almeida (CTO/Co-Founder, Open Node)

Alex Antolino (Creative Director, Typeform)

Antonis Argyros (VP Product & Marketing, SafeSize)

Yoni Assia (CEO, eToro)


Jaya Baloo (Chief Information Security Officer, KPN Telecom)

James Beacham (Particle physicist, ATLAS experiment at CERN)

Katja Berkhout (International Director, StartupDelta)

Koen Bok (Co-Founder, Framer )

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl (Director General, DigitalEurope)

Nick Bortot (CEO & Founder, BUX (app))

Ankiti Bose (Co-Founder & CEO, Zilingo )

Ghela Boskovich (Founder, FemTechGlobal)

Wesley Botman (Co-Founder, Eli5)

Nick Brackenbury (Co-Founder & CEO, NearSt)

Tim Bradshaw (Global Technology Correspondent, Financial Times)

James Bridle (Author, New Dark Age (book))


James Cameron (entrepreneur) (Partner, SystemIQ)

Alex Cappy (Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company)

Stacia Carr (Director of Engineering, Zalando)

Andrew Chakhoyan (Founder & CEO, Strategic Narrative Consulting)

Jayne Chan (Head of StartmeupHK, InvestHK)

Jack Constantine (CDO, Lush)

Cyd Crouse (CMO, Muse (company))


Bracken Darrell (CEO, Logitech)

Itxaso del Palacio (Investment Director, Notion Capital)

Jan-Willem Dockheer (CEO, Fit for Free / Sport City)


Sally Eaves (CTO & UN social impact strategy advisor, Emergent Technology)

Kamran Elahian (Founder & Chairman, Global Catalyst Partners)

Tamas Erkelens (Program Manager Public Tech, Municipality of Amsterdam)


Tiantian Feng (Investor, Unbound (venture capital firm))

Sandy Fershee (Global Manager, User Experience, Ford Motor Company)

Tanya Filer (Policy and Research Leader, University of Cambridge, Bennett Institute for Public Policy)

Drew Fortin (SVP Sales & Marketing, Predictive Index (blog))


Irine Gaasbeek (Country Managing Director, Accenture Netherlands)

Andreas Gall (CIO, Red Bull Media House)

Stephane Gantchev (Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures)

Erik Gatenholm (CEO & Co-Founder, CELLINK)

Nora Gherbi (Founder, Who Cares (company))

Caroline Glasbergen (Founder, Zentrepreneurship)


Thomas Hale (reporter) (Alphaville Reporter, Financial Times)

Mansoor Hanif (Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom)

Stephanie Hannon (CPO, Strava & Hillary Clinton Campaign)

Rebecca Harding (Author, The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of Policy and Economics)

Emma Harman (Managing Director EMEA, Whalar)

Rand Hindi (Founder & CEO, Snips (company))

Emily Hinks (Founder, Mischief Makers)

Jessica Hofmann (Blockchain Lead, Atos Benelux & The Nordics)



Andrew Jack (editor) (Global Education Editor, Financial Times)

Martine Jarlgaard (Founder, Martine Jarlgaard)

Lana Jelenjev (Learning Design Specialist, Dream See)

Annemarie Joosen (CMO, Marktplaats)


Bindi Karia (Founder & CEO, Innovation expert, Bindi Ventures)

Lukasz Karwacki (Co-Founder & CEO, Sunscrapers)

Pamela Kaupinen (SVP, Strategy, HelloSociety)

Ian Khan (author) (Author)

Margarita Khartanovich (Editor in Chief, Head of Insight, Binary District)

Nadya Khoja (Chief Growth Officer, Venngage)

Alexander Kolupaev (CCO, Waves)

Kaspar Korjus (Managing Director, E-Residency Estonia)

Cassie Kozyrkov (Chief Decision Scientist, Google)

Daniel Krauss (CIO & Co-Founder, Flixbus)

Tanja Kufner (Partner,


Tim Leberecht (CEO, Author, Consultant, Business Romantic Society)

Brandon Lewis (Open Node) (Co-Founder & CPO, Open Node)

Lillian Li (Co-Founder, Diversity VC)

Gilad Lotan (VP, Head of Data Science, BuzzFeed)


Matus Maar (Managing Partner Venture & Co-Founder, Talis Capital)

Emanuele Madeddu (Executive Vice President, Global Brand Strategy, National Geographic)

Lofred Madzou (AI & Machine Learning Project Lead, World Economic Forum)

Mark Manson (New York Times best-selling author)

Milena Marin (Senior Advisor, Amnesty International)

Jon Matonis (Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation)

Miko Matsumura (Co-Founder, Evercoin)

Rob McCargow (Director of AI, PwC)

Martine Meijburg (Founder, SecondDegree)

Chris Messina (Co-Founder, Molly (website))

Frank Meyer (business executive) (Senior Vice President, E.ON SE)

Edward Miller (Co-Founder & CEO, Scape Technologies)

Jonathon Morgan (CEO, New Knowledge)

Evgeny Morozov (Author, The Net Delusion; To Save Everything, Click Here)

Anton Mozgovoy (Founder, Humaniq)


Ray Noori (CEO & Co-Founder, Block Zero)

Christine Souffrant Ntim (Managing Partner, Global Startup Ecosystem)

Toke Nygaard (Chief Creative Officer, Zendesk)



Jackson Palmer (Creator, Dogecoin)

Hugo Pereira (entrepreneur) (VP Growth & Strategy, EVBox)

Monica Ioannidou Polemitis (CEO, Map Innovation)

Simona L. Pop (Co-Founder, Bounties Network)

Francis Pouliot (CEO & Co-Founder, Bull Bitcoin)

Catherine Price (Author, How to Break Up With Your Phone (book))

Guillaume Princen (Head of Continental Europe, Stripe)



Ali Rayl (Vice President, Customer Experience, Slack)

Fedra Ribeiro (SVP, Bosch)

Ulla Riber (Vice President, Head of Corporate Garage, Group Commercial ISS World Services A/S)

Brad Graham Richards (Head of Innovation, The DO School)

Jonathan Rochelle (Director of Product Management, Google)


Ian Sanders (Creative Consultant, the Ian Sanders Company)

Larry Sanger (Co-Founder, Wikipedia)

Jarl Schulp (Co-Founder & Director, FIBER (festival))

Robyn Scott (Co-Founder & CEO, Apolitical)

Letitia Seglah (Independent Expert, European Commission)

Chris Slowe (CTO, Reddit)

Ela Slutski (Co0Founder, Holiday Sitters)

Elisabeth Stevens (Mentor, Rockstart Accelerator)

Victoria Stoyanova (Founder, hito labs)

Rania Svoronou (Associate Design Director, IBM iX)

Alain Sylvain (Founder, Sylvain Labs)

Iwo Szapar (Remote Work Advocate & CEO, Remote-how)

Julie Szudarek (CEO, MARCOL)


Emilie Tabor (Founder & CMO, IMA (marketing agency))

Gillian Tans (CEO,

Jeroen Tas (Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips)

Jennifer Taylor (business executive) (Vice President, U.S. Jobs, Consumer Technology Association)

Mirèl ter Braak (Senior Policy Advsior, Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets)

Des Traynor (Co-Founder & CSO, Intercom)

Louise Troen (Vice President, International Marketing & Communications, Bumble)



Edwin van Bommel (Chief Innovation Officer, ABN AMRO)

Elmira van den Broek (Ph.D. Candidate, KIN Center for Digital Innovation)

Jacques van den Broek (CEO, Randstad Holding)

Gerhard van der Bijl (Chief Digital Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, Royal FloraHolland)

Esther Van Diepen (Founder, SHE Performance)

Jordy Van Honk (Program Director, IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative)

Ton Van 'T Noordende (Deep Tech Investor, 01 Ventures)

Steve Vassallo (Author, The Way to Design)

Corinne Vigreux (Co-Founder, TomTom)

Purna Virji (Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Microsoft)

Robert Vis (Founder & CEO, MessageBird)

Andrea Volpini (entrepreneur) (CEO, Wordlift)

Ravi Vora (entrepreneur) (CEO, Catawiki)


Marcus Wermuth (Mobile Lead, Buffer)

Amy Whitaker (Author, Assistant Professor, Art Thinking)

Karen Wickre (Author, previous editorial director, Twitter)

Gordon Willoughby (CEO, WeTransfer)



Stoyan Yankov (Productivity & Performance Expert, Stoyan Consult)


Alice Zagury (CEO, The Family (company))

Haris Zisimopoulos (Mobile Web Technologist, Google)

Jane Zavalishina (President & Co-Founder, Mechanica AI)

Gabe Zichermann (Founder, Author & Speaker, The Gamification Revolution (book))

James Zou (President of Overseas Sales and Services, Honor Business)

Heather Zynczak (CMO, Pluralsight)

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