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The Hoodies are a hip-hop group from Ellenville, New York ​. It consists of two brothers: E-Class (the older brother, Eben) and Young Poppa (the younger brother, Umar).


The Hoodies grew up in Ellenville, New York ​, a small town 90 minutes from New York City ​. Their mother, Tiffany, listened to hip-hop all the time, which eventually transpired to them to live within the hip-hop culture, as well. [11]

They came up with their name "Hoodies" after Trayvon Martin ​ was killed. They believed that urban youth were being targeted for wearing hoodies. They decided right then and there to stand up and represent something that was perceived negatively and creating a positive spin on it. [16]

In the Whip (Series)

In 2016, E-Class and Young Poppa created what they would eventually call the In The Whip freestyle series. They freestyled raps on camera and uploaded them on social media. The idea came from the two brothers freestyling in their mom’s car.

Youtube Video
E-Class & Young Poppa (The Hoodies) One More Step Freestyle

One of the freestyles went viral in October 2016, generating over 3 million views. [16] ​After gaining recognition from the video, they received lots of attention on social media and even made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show ​. [6]

In addition, they also freestyled with members of The Lox ​: Jadakiss ​ and Styles P ​. [12]

Hot 97

Youtube Video
The Hoodies' freestyle on Flex's Hot 97

On November 1, 2017, The Hoodies freestyled in a collaboration on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 ​ radio show. The freestyle went viral, reaching over 3 million views in one day on Facebook and 200,000 views in three days on YouTube. [3] [4]

E-Class said the following after receiving all the attention: [17]

My feelings on the Flex freestyle dropping yesterday were indescribable... I was on cloud 9!!!! Im half way back to reality but now it’s used for motivational purposes only.. we not sitting back and letting this be the last thing we do because it was huge!.. this next In The Whip is going to be crazy there’s no way the world ain’t gonna feel us NO BREAKS WE GUNNING EVERYTHING DOWN


  • E-Class (born Eben Nettles in 1997) is the older brother of the group. He started rapping when he was 8 years old. [15] ​ His main influences include 2Pac ​, Jadakiss ​, and Nas ​. [11]
  • Young Poppa (born Umar Abrams in 2005) is the younger brother of the group. He started rapping when he was 4 years old. [15] ​ At the time, he only rapped gibberish and baby stuff, but started using wordplay as his vocabulary improved over time. [6] [15] ​ He has been compared to Notorious BIG ​, who he considers one of the two greatest rappers of all time. [6] [11] ​ His favorite rapper is 50 Cent ​. [11]
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