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The Grindhouse Radio is a two hour, weekly, "celebrity driven" pop culture Talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio, iTunes and a variety of other syndicated networks worldwide. [2] Otherwise known as GHR, listeners can expect to hear about current news and events, comics, music, geeky gadgetry, sports and movies among other topics. [3]

The Grindhouse Radio was voted and named, “Best Radio Station on Long Island” in 2017 [6] [3] and again in 2018. [6] The Grindhouse Radio has also been named SCORE American National Small Business Champions 2018. [7] GHR is seen in the iTunes rankings on a weekly basis in the Top 20 Best Comedy podcasts worldwide; while ranking highest at #15 Overall directly behind Oprah. [4]

The main cast consists of Brimstone, Kim Adragna, Stephen Zambito and Tom Greer [9] [4]; while other cast members host specific segments on isolated topics. Kevin Dempsey ( Kevin's Comic Corner ), Guy Brogna ( All Music Spotlight ), Desi Sanchez ( Games Geeks Tech ) and Tom Greer is joined in a sports segment by Scott Eisenberg called PNG otherwise known as the Peanut Gallery. [2] [5] [11]

Every episode ends with their version of a random song to which they refer to as, "Little Ditty from the Big City". [9]

GHR will be a topic of discussion entitled, "Planetary Science and Exploration Outreach through Arts" by Rocket Scientist, Bernard H. Foing at the 2018 European Planetary Science Congress. [12]


Kim Adragna and Steve Zambito started out as interns for Brimstone at his publishing and entertainment company, Hound Comics, Inc. ( Hound Entertainment Group ) in 2015. [9] [8] Brimstone asked the two if they'd be interested in starting a radio podcast to which they agreed. The three huddled around a single microphone in their office for an hour and The Grindhouse Radio was born. [8]

Video Game

GHR: The Great Airspace Chase video game based on the show itself is currently in production for all iOS systems by game designer, Algocrunch. The game will allow players to "cruise the radio airwaves to assist the Grindhouse Radio crew in putting together content for the show." Brimstone, Adragna and Zambo are playable characters who receive assistance from the other cast members of GHR. There is a wide variety of celebrity guests making cameos including Sean Schemmel, Steve Cardenas, Walter E. Jones, David Fielding and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. [10]

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