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The Ember Company is a venture capital firm that provides expertise and growth opportunities for companies in the consumer industry. [1]


The Ember Company, formerly known as TrendSeeder, was a New York-based four-month accelerator program for emerging fashion brands. They rebranded as The Ember Company and split into three separate divisions, The Ember Lab, The Ember Fund, and The Bonfire Group. The tripartite structure supports early stage startups by providing advisory, capital, and networking opportunities. [1]

The Ember Lab

The Ember Lab takes equity in exchange for access to mentorship, education, business development and investment. The Ember Lab is a long-term partner and industry matchmaker that connects entrepreneurs with the right people, resources and opportunities. Some of their services include: [2]

  • Access to 250+ industry mentors
  • Strategic and financial investors
  • Actionable business development opportunities
  • Access to industry technology and service providers
  • Access to exclusive Ember events
  • Access to industry events
  • One-on-one mentor sessions
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Access to potential advisory board members
  • Press opportunities
  • And much more

The Ember Fund

The Ember Fund provides startups with access to inventory funding and the expertise and growth opportunities needed to scale. They offer: [3]

  • Debt financing starting at $250,000
  • Fixed fees starting at ~7.5%
  • Up to a 2 year commitment
  • 1% to 4% equity stakes in exchange for a partnership with The Ember Lab

Some of The Ember Fund's premier investments include: Ballsy, Criquet, EVOLVh, Homesick, Hudson Sutler, Naadam, STANTT, Steven Alan, and more.

The Bonfire Group

The Bonfire Group provides exhaustive advisory services for clients in the consumer industry. After an intro meeting, The Bonfire Group engages in a series of sessions with the goal of creating a customized strategy to achieve agreed upon objectives. Next, they develop a budget and a project team, monitoring growth all along the way. The Bonfire Group offers access to a large pool of mentors with extensive experience in retail, media and innovation. [4]

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