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The Burlington Files is a series of six autobiographical espionage novels “written for film” about a secret agent. They are based on the double life of Bill Fairclough​ aka Edward Burlington​ including Faire Sans Dire's​ activities all over the world[13][14]. Bill Fairclough established a global intelligence agency called Faire Sans Dire​ in 1978 and prior to that he had been “used” by various intelligence agencies.

In some but not all the material published about the series by The Burlington Files Limited[4]​, the company states that The Burlington Files series was “nominally written by Bill Fairclough​”. The identities of the other authors are not disclosed. The intellectual property rights of The Burlington Files are vested in an English​ company, The Burlington Files Limited and its subsidiary companies[4].

Bill Fairclough​ started writing The Burlington Files in 1975 while in an isolation ward in a UK​ hospital suffering from what was eventually diagnosed as cytomegalovirus​. However, it was only in 2009 that work on the project began in earnest. According to Bill Fairclough​, the rationale for putting pen to paper was to create a TV series or films to show the world just how much it had been duped by those illustrious civil servants, Ian Fleming​ and David Cornwell​ (John le Carré​).

The real espionage world was so far removed from the Fleming​ and to a lesser extent Le Carré portrayals, that those involved with Faire Sans Dire​ thought way back in the seventies that it was time the science fiction stopped. It didn’t and most of the ensuing films depicting espionage made it worse.

To the extent drafted, each “novel” has been “written for film”. That means written solely with screen adaptation in mind. While the autobiographical journals read a bit like sophisticated versions of The Diary of Anne Frank​ they are not film scripts but can be readily adapted into such. That is why they are referred to as “Novelogs” on The Burlington Files’ website[3].

Beyond Enkription[5][6]​, intentionally misspelt, is the first book in the series and was first published in 2014. It is based on Bill Fairclough's​ life in 1974. In the book and indeed the rest of the series, references to real life events are factually and historically accurate down to the smallest detail (e.g. the weather in a disclosed location at the time stated or the specification of an eavesdropping device).

The second book (Beyond Dekription) is set in 1984 but has not yet been published. It is primarily based in London​, the Caribbean​ and Central America​ and deals inter alia with Edward Burlington's​ involvement in: unpublished aspects of the Oliver North​, Lynden Pindling​ and related scandals; and Faire Sans Dire's​ establishment as a bridge between East and West in the (First) Cold War​. It goes without saying that the Oliver North​ or Iran Contra​ scandal started years before it hit the press. Coincidentally, that was when Bill Fairclough​ just so happened to be an executive at Citigroup through which monies were channelled to the Middle East​ via the City of London​ and on to Central America​.

The rest of The Burlington Files series continues to follow the life of Bill Fairclough​ aka Edward Burlington​, his family and his colleagues who were also involved in espionage and/or intelligence gathering over the decades. Including flashbacks, the series covers a century of global deceit and manipulation through the generations of Burlingtons involved in the dark arts of intelligence from 1914, the start of the First World War​, to life after Edward Snowden​ in 2014.

The remaining books in the series are in various stages of production. Book 3, Beyond Redemption (1994) covers global frauds perpetrated by Triads​, Yakuza​ and Mafia​ gangs and Faire Sans Dire's​ infiltration/investigation of global organised crime. Book 4, Beyond Reproach (2004) relates to Edward Burlington's involvement in conflicts and other matters concerning the Middle East​. Book 5, Beyond Reach (2014) deals with Faire Sans Dire's involvement in known unknowns about Edward Snowden​, unpunished frauds and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East​. Book 6, Beyond Recall, is a prequel.

Further work on the unpublished books has been deferred pending the outcome of discussions about any filming based on Beyond Enkription[5][6]. For more background material relating to The Burlington Files please see Bill Fairclough's biography[7][8] and follow the links therefrom as appropriate.

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