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Owing to Teodoro Patiño’s disclosure of the Katipunan ’s existence to the Spanish Authority, we may never know if the REvolution would have turned out in favor of the Filipinos since during that time, the revolutionaries were still busy gathering more men and arms for the uprising. [1]

Even more deplorably, the reason for Patiño’s revelation to the authorities was too petty: a pay dispute.

There are different versions of the story, with one saying that he and a katipunero named Apolonio de la Cruz fought over a two-peso wage increase in their printing shop. A physical altercation between the two forced the shop to close down, and a subsequent search by Spanish authorities yielded documents and materials belonging to the Katipunan. [1]

In another version, both men were Katipunan who were also engaged in a pay dispute, prompting Patiño to tell his sister Honoria (also his wife in yet another version) about the secret society. Honoria, in turn, revealed the information to a head nun who then persuaded Patiño to tell the parish priest.

In any case, the Spanish authorities found out about the Katipunan ’s existence thanks to Patiño, forcing its leaders to launch a premature uprising. [1]

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