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[1] ​Teal Swan ( aka Teal Scott ) is a new-age spiritualist, author, blogger and a social media celebrity based in the United States. Swan claims that she has psychic powers and extrasensory abilities and attracts fans and followers from all over the world. Swan has been equally controversial for, reportedly, claiming that she is half human and half alien and also a reincarnation of Indian spiritual master Sai Baba of Shirdi. In addition, She has been accused of trivialising suicide and is famous also for her multiple marriages.

As of 2016, Swan travels globally, delivering speeches and running spiritual and self-help workshops. She also writes books, runs a clothing line, paints, writes blogs, gives video lectures on YouTube and runs a charity organization.

Early Life & Childhood

Teal Swan was born on 16 June 1984 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to the official biography published on her website, though her parents were living a hippie lifestyle at the time of her birth, they nonetheless badly wanted a child.

However, Swan claims that since she was born with spiritual “gifts” and extrasensory abilities, she grew up as an awkward, silent child, which frustrated her parents. Her extrasensory abilities were diagnosed as a form of mental illness by the medical community at that time.

When Swan was still very young, her parents moved from New Mexico to Utah. In Utah they were offered jobs as forest rangers. They soon had a son, who, unlike Swan, was born normal. On the other hand, Utah, unlike New Mexico, was very religious state and the pervasive influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints made Swan’s life very difficult. The community where Swan’s family was living in believed that God gave special spiritual gifts only to men, and when a girl was born with spiritual talents, that had to be a  devil. Because of that perception in the community, Swan says, she was bullied and harassed as a child.

Torture, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

When Swan was just 5, she was invited to a friend’s house and Swan claims that she was raped by her friend’s father for the first time. Reportedly, he pulled her off the bicycle she was riding and one of the motivations behind the rape was to ‘posses’ her spiritually. The man, a locally respected veterinary physician, was, as Swan describes, “a sadistic, psychopath” and often attended “cult rituals in his spare time”. Already considered an awkward, difficult and mentally ill child, Swan remained silent and didn’t reveal the abuse to her parents.

Following that incident, as Swan describes in her biography, she was subjected to torture, exploitation, multiple rapes and was forced to participate in mentally and physically exhausting cult rituals. In addition, the abuser told her that he was her real father and her parents were, in fact, her foster parents. She believed his version of story and formed a strange bond with him, which is often described by psychologists as Stockholm Syndrome. Her abuser managed to convince her parents that she was possessed by demons and he knew how to solve her problem.

Swan claims that she was subjected to extreme physical, mental and sexual exploitation for nearly 13 years. The abuser, reportedly, forced her to sleep with other men for money, often in gas station bathrooms and basements. At times, she was deprived of food and was forced to undergo three abortions during the course of 13 years. She lived in a hole in the ground of the abuser’s backyard and often the abuser used anaesthesia to sedate her. Despite these instances, Swan kept hiding the truth from everyone and in her biography describes in detail as to how her parents had failed to recognise the suffering she was going through. She writes:

When she wrote dark, disturbed poetry or drew disturbing pictures, they assumed she was overly sensitive and had been affected by someone else who was being abused at her school. When she kept getting bacterial infections and urinary tract infections or stomach pain so bad she was hospitalized and migraines, they attributed it to a weak immune system or hormonal imbalance.

When Swan entered adulthood, her abuser was unable to find clients as she was no longer a child. Then he persuaded her to do modelling, which she did for sometime. She has said in interviews that she had attempted to commit suicide and felt suicidal during those years.

Ultimately when she was 19, she escaped from the abuser’s trap. A case against the abuser was opened after Swan’s escape, but was dropped by the district attorney because of lack of concrete evidence. In media interviews, the abuser has denied the claims that he was abusing her. He has often said that Swan completely made up those stories to gain sympathy and attention from others.

Swan has said in interviews that she took up skiing as a regular hobby to cope up with the suffering she was going through.

Escape & New Life

When she was 19, Swan escaped from the virtual captivity of the abuser and went to an acquaintance called Blake Dyer. Swan and Dyer have, reportedly, stayed together as friends since then, supporting each other at times of crises. As of 2016, Dyer is Swan’s business partner and when other people have questioned Swan’s spiritual prowesses, Blake has spoken and written defending her.

Before the escape, Swan’s mother took her to a trip to China where she was investigated by traditional Chinese medics. In her biographical article, Swan mentions that in China, for the first time in her life, she felt she was understood and totally accepted.  Contrary to doctors in the West, Chinese doctors argued that Swan’s extrasensory abilities were in fact gifts, and not signs of any mental illness. The doctors in China, reportedly, trained her on how to use her extrasensory abilities to help and heal others.

After returning from China, Swan tried to build a new life in Utah, United States, mainly neglecting her spiritual abilities. She reportedly started modelling again and attempted to pursue a career as a skier with the US Telemark Ski team. In 2006, when Swan was 22, she married Mark Scott and gave birth to a son, who was named Winter. Swan soon discovered that her son, like herself, was born with extrasensory qualities. After that discovery, Swan decided to commit to the spiritual journey which she was slowly abandoning.

Teaching & Spiritual Activism

In March 2011, Swan published her first book The Sculptor in the Sky and started a YouTube channel to spread her ideas and spiritual message. Within a year, she managed to grow her fanbase to a significant extent, but with the deterioration of her marriage, she faced some setback.

In 2015, her second book, Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times , was published and after a year in 2016, she went on to publish another book titled The Completion Process: The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again. In her books and workshops, Swan talks about a myriad of issues, including spirituality, relationships, law of attraction, and meaning of life. Her ideas are influenced heavily by Eastern religious traditions, including Hinduism and Zen Buddhism. In her talks, she often borrows from other spiritual masters, such as the Dalai Lama and Thich Nach Tah.

Over the years, her presence has, nonetheless, spread rapidly and her movement has received a cult status. She actively organises and attends workshops and talks in various parts of the world and is very active on social media. In her workshops, she uses a method called Synchronisation and emphasises on a technique called “collective healing”.

Swan has also advocated for total transparency of spiritual masters and started a live-stream called “Shadow House”. In the live-stream channel, she would share her everyday life to an online audience. In addition, through her blog posts, she has shared intimate details of her personal life as well.

Personal Life

In 2006, at 22, Swan married Mark Scott and gave birth to a son, Winter. The marriage collapsed after nearly 7 years. Then she was romantically linked to Fallon Dobson ( aka Jared Dobson ), whom she ultimately declared a sociopath in October 2013. Dobson was subsequently sent for a therapy.

On 4 January 2014, Teal married Sarbedeep Swan, a British citizen of Indian origin. However, the marriage failed after a short period of time. As of 2016, Teal is married to Ale Gicqueau. Gicqueau is from Paris, France. In interviews, Swan says that she enjoys painting, horse-riding and travelling. Swan also leads a non-profit, Headway Foundation, which reportedly aims at bringing about positive change in the world.

Teal Swan Controversies

Teal Swan’s second husband, Sarbedeep, has accused her of cheating and not being committed in marriage. He runs an entire website where he nicknames Teal as Black Swan and mainly writes about his tumultuous relationship with her. He also provides other insights into Swan’s personal lives and spiritual ideas. In a blog post, talking about the reason behind their collapsed marriage, he writes:

Our marriage did not ‘unravel’ after 2 weeks due to incompatibility or my ‘emotional unavailability’, but because I saw an email Black Swan had sent to her ex just 2 weeks into our marriage talking about the sex she had with him and flirting with him. An ex she also vilified as a ‘sociopath’, months before on her blog.

In one of his blog posts, Sarbadeep also accuses Teal Swan of trying to establish a romantic relationship with a married Hollywood star.

Swan has also been a subject of controversy for claiming that she is a (partial) reincarnation of Sai Baba Shirdi, an Indian spiritual master who had died in 1918. In addition, online commenters have also criticised her for claiming that she is  ‘half human and half alien’. One of her YouTube videos, where she portrays suicide as a reset button by the supreme source, has also drawn considerable criticism.

In many online forums, people have raised questions whether Teal Swan is fake or fraud. There are many blogs written against her, often by other competitors practicing psychic techniques. While there is no measurement to prove Swan’s enlightenment, her teachings do not significantly differ from the teachings of many other enlightened masters in the East.

Teal Swan on Social Media

Swan’s online presence has been consistent and robust since she started her spiritual work. She  regularly interacts with her followers online and posts video talks on a weekly basis. Thousands of followers follow her on social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Notable Teal Swan Quotes

” The only things you can lose are things that you have to lose in order to find something infinitely more valuable. “

“I was unfixable, I saw that my innocence didn’t go anywhere. Like the tiny flame on the end of a matchstick, it may have flickered, but it didn’t die. I found my inherent goodness again. I found the part of me that couldn’t be harmed by the people who found a way to harm everything else about me. Gradually, I began to reparent myself. By loving and caring for my inner” – on Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times

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