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The artist known professionally as Tattedupbroc,[3] or by his nickname "Broccoli", is an American hip-hop solo rapper who is best known for his debut EP titled Crackheads Made Me Rich Vol.1.[4]


He was born and raised in New Jersey,[1] amidst harsh conditions.[7] He began to write raps but never put the lyrics to a beat to make an actual song. Soon after, the death of both his grandmothers sent him into a very dark place. Finding himself back in the streets pushing music aside, he was involved in a terrible car crash that almost ended deadly.


Giving rap another try, Tattedupbroc decided to write raps again. Going to different studios he eventually was introduced to a well-known record label executive. Not wanting to be in the spotlight he was fortunate enough to receive an offer to write songs for a few big name artist. As a solo artist, he recorded and released
his first single "Trap House Tatt" in 2016.[6] He came on the scene with a rugged cadence and cold lyrics. In 2017, he linked up with his friend to create the rap duo "Kitchen Boyz".

Towards the end of 2017, Tattedupbro recorded his first EP "Crackheads Made Me Rich Vol.1". The EP was hosted by Jersey's own DJ Jay Era becoming an instant hit. Not happy with just local fame Tattedupbroc knew he had to come with the right single to make him known globally. In mid-2107, with the TV show TMZ being a show watched by many viewers, he decided that the next single off his EP would be what other than "TMZ".[5] The video was featured on the biggest urban website WorldstarHipHop giving him national exposure.[8]

He, then, released his own independent film titled "The Plug is a Girl" in mid-2018.[9] Starting his own independent film company, he hired Instagram influencer Fatboy SSE to co-star in his first film.[10] After directing, executive producing, and starring in the film, Tattedupbroc released the single "The Plug is a Girl" off the soundtrack.

At the end of 2018, he released his new single "Better Than a Wraith".[2] With this video, he wanted to bring a new look to his visuals so he decided to collaborate with director Dolo Filmz. He also reached out to the hilarious Instagram comedian Jacob Berger. The song was a hit catching the attention of NJ hot97 radio stations DJ Wallah who quickly begin to play the song in all the clubs throughout NY & NJ. Another DJ who decided to give it a chance was DJ P-Dub who passed the song off to the famous DJ Sussone who even gave the record spins on radio station 105.1 along with Sirius satellite radio.

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