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TaTaTu (cryptocurrency:TTU) is a decentralized social entertainment platform that utilizes blockchain technology to organize and incentive the network. [7] The project is being led by Hollywood film producer Andrea Iervolino. [2]


TaTaTu plans to integrate the 360-degree entertainment platform model that ensures secure digital rights records as well as the fair distribution of advertising revenue between users and content providers. [7]

The project interweaves social media activity with entertainment consumption. [7] Users can receive rewards for watching movies, sports, gaming, and other forms of content, as well as referring their friends to view content. In addition, token holders will be able to vote on which content should be put on TaTaTu. [7]

For content creators, TaTaTu will monetize content based on effective user consumption and real-time views. In addition, advertisers and brands will be able to get data about users based on their content preferences and engagement. [5]

TaTaTu will be built on top of Ethereum as an ERC20 token. [8] Their token symbol is TTU. [8]

Funding & Support

During their ICO in 2018, TaTaTu raised $575 million, making it the third largest ICO of the year behind EOS and Telegram. [5]

Some prominent figures that are supporting TaTaTu include Prince Félix of Luxembourg, cryptocurrency investment firms Lyna Capital and BlockTower Capital, as well as film producer Lady Monika Bacardi. [5]


Andrea Iervolino is the founder and CEO of TaTaTu and has been involved in creating well-known films such as Memento, Apocalypto, Donny Darko, Machete, and The Merchant of Venice. [2]

Other team members include: [8]

  • Jonathan Pullinger, (CTO)
  • Marcello Mari (Head of Blockchain Public Relations)
  • James Aufenast (Head of Marketing)
  • Anthony McGuire (Head of Advertising Partnerships)
  • Ed McCulloch (Head of Platform)
  • Hans Hagman (Head of Programming and Content)
  • Ryan Goeden (Head of Proammatic)
  • Denis Dembia (Head of PR Entertainment)
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