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Tari is an open source, digital asset focused blockchain protocol that is being architected as a merge-mined sidechain with Monero. [1] [4] [5]


Tari is designed specifically for digital assets – things like tickets, loyalty points, virtual goods, and crypto-native assets like CryptoKitties. Tari's mission is to make it easier to issue, manage and transfer digital assets. [3] [2]

There are two major digital entities on the Tari network: The coins that are the unit of transfer for the Tari cryptocurrency, and the digital assets that could represent anything from tickets to in-game items. [1]

Tari uses two layers, a base layer that provides a public ledger of Tari coin transactions, secured by proof of work to maximize security, and a second layer that manages digital asset state that is very fast and cheap, at the expense of decentralization. [1]

The base layer uses a roof of work-based blockchain using Nakamoto consensus. Transactions and blocks on the base layer are based on the MimbleWimble protocol. [1]


Tari was founded by Riccardo Spagni, the lead maintainer and a core developer of Monero; Naveen Jain, a serial entertainment industry entrepreneur; and Dan Teree, co-founder of Ticketfly. The company was founded in 2017 and has offices in Oakland and Johannesburg. [4] [5]


Tari has received investment from venture capital firms including but not limited to Redpoint Ventures, Trinity Ventures, Canaan Partners, Blockchain Capital, Pantera Capital, Slow Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Vy Capital, Bee Partners, Sora Ventures, Macro Ventures, Draft Ventures, and Base Ventures. [3]

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