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Tanya Tarr is an entrepreneur, writer, and negotiation coach. She is the founder of Corporate Insights, a company that

She is also a regular Forbes contributor,[3] where she write about negotiation techniques, leadership (particularly for inclusiveness), and equal pay for ForbesWomen.[4] [5]

Early Life & Education

Tanya Tarr graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, History, and Policy. She went on to complete her Master's degree in CMU's Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.[2]

While she was completing her undergraduate degree, she was a staff member for Al Gore's presidential campaign in 2000.[2]


Political Campaigns

Tanya Tarr started her career as a policy analyst for the New York State Assembly, providing research, analysis, and reports energy reulation for the Office of the Speaker's Program Development Group.[2] She continued working for public office officials in the mid 2000's, managing campaign operations Virginia's Tim Kaine in Arlington County and Tom Hucker in 2006 .[2] She managed these campaigns while working as a Data Manager for Working America, a non-profit dedicated to advocating for good jobs and a just economy.[2]

She has also helped women run for office, from the school board level to the U.S. presidential level.[6] She was also the Director of Legislative and Political Mobilization with the Texas American Federation of Teachers.[8]

Negotiation Consultancy

Youtube Video
"Let's Redefine Power Through Language"

In May 2018, Tanya Tarr became Vice President for the North American region for AdvantageSRING, a global commercial negotiation consultancy firm. She delivers training and development to corporations and organizations in the United States and Canada and helps people enhance their emotional intelligence.[2] [3]

Since 2016, she has written articles for Forbes.[2] She writes about the power of negotiation and equal pay.[3]

Practice Makes Power

Tanya Tarr has written a book titled Practice Makes Power: How to Win at Work, at Home and at the Capitol.

Awards & Accomplishments

In 2009, Tanya Tarr was named a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections politics magazine, which recognizes people under 35 years old who have made a significant mark in political consulting or advocacy.

Personal Life

Tanya currently resides in Austin, Texas.[1] She practices martial arts in her spare time.[+]

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