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Tamika L. Butler is a land use, equity, environmental and social and racial justice advocate.[5] She lives in Los Angeles, California and works at Toole Design Group.[1]

Early Life & Education

Butler is originally from Omaha, Nebraska . In 2006 Tamika graduated from Creighton University with Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a Criminal Justice specialization. In 2009, she received a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School.[1]


Tamika started her career in 2008 as an Attorney at Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center. In 2014, she served as a Director of Social Change Strategies at Liberty Hill Foundation. In addition, she worked at Young Invincibles as the California Director. Later, she served as the Executive Director of Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust. Since 2019, Tamika has been a Director of Planning, California and Director of Equity and Inclusion at Toole Design Group.[1]

As the Principal of Tamika L. Butler Consulting she focuses on shining a light on inequality, inequity, and social justice. Tamika also provides consulting, training, and public speaking for a wide range of organizations in the public and private sectors.[3]

Personal Life

Tamika lives with her wife in Los Angeles. Before living in LA, she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Bay Area, she would take public transportation everywhere. This experience is what got her involved in the active transportation field. [6]

Tamika explains how she got involved in the active transportation field in an interview she gave on January 15, 2019 during the Ninth Annual Complete Street Dinner:

Emiko: Coming from a law background, how did you get involved in the active transportation field and what has kept you around?

It is clear to me that in the way we build our environments, our cities, our towns, our transportation, we’re keeping certain people in and we’re keeping certain people out. We’re giving certain people access to mobility—transportation or economic mobility. All of this is intentional.

Tamika: I practiced law for a few years in the Bay Area, and then I met my now wife and moved to LA. In the Bay Area, I walked or took public transportation everywhere. It’s funny, because a lot of people now take pride in being a “transit person” and if I’m honest, I didn’t think about it that much because it’s just what I did San Francisco.

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