Substance D

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Substance D is a musical entrepreneur and DJ based in Colorado Springs, Colorado ​. [3] ​ He is originally from Austin, Texas ​. [3]


Substance was born in Austin and moved to Colorado Springs in 2000. [3] ​ His first interest in music came in middle school where he played the violin for 3 years. [3] ​ Substance learned the basics of musical structure and harmony during this time. It was not until after he graduated high school that he began taking part in the EDM scene. [3] ​ He specifically became interested in DJs and turntableism. [3]

Substance learned the most basic required skills from a professional named DJ Ghost. [3] ​ In 2010, he chose his moniker and became committed to professionally playing, performing at local clubs, competing in DJ battles, and more. [3] ​ For some amount of time, he lived in Illinois where he helped establish a scene where it was non-existent.

His music falls under the genres dubstep, riddim, and trap. [2] ​ Substance later became involved in the marketing and promotion of events, establishing himself as a musical entrepreneur. [3]

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