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We don’t consider Storck as a favorite childhood candy, but rather as an ‘adult’ candy we were once forced to eat. Whether as a remedy for motion sickness during a long trip or as an instant breath freshener, Storck was the @menthol candy of choice back in the day. [1]

Storck outsold all its competitors, so much so that it was being exported to the United States. by the mid-’90s. And then the unthinkable happened: the United States. Drug Administration discovered in 1996 that the foil-like wrapper of Storck menthol candy had a high amount of lead–toxic enough to cause long-term learning and behavioral problems, among others. [1]

Storck Product Incorporated (SPI), the company behind the candy, refused to back down.

With the help of a toxicologist, they let the public know that there’s no scientific evidence to prove that lead from the wrapper could be absorbed by the candy. However, the damage had already been done. Rebisco soon took over the struggling company and the Storck we once loved was renamed Starr. [1]

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