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Stockpile is a unique stock broker and investment platform that allows users to purchase small amounts of household-name stocks through gift cards. It rose to prominence for making it easy to give stocks as gifts to children. Stockpile was founded by Avi Lele. [1]


This unique service was created by CEO Avi Lele. The story goes that he was looking to buy Christmas presents for his nieces and nephews. He wanted to give them something more substantial and longer lasting than toys. He thought that stocks would be a good idea but found the process too frustrating and pricey. He gave up on that effort and bought some toys anyway. But the idea never left his mind. [3]


The way Stockpile works is that you pick the stock and dollar amount (say, $50 of Apple) and pay with a credit card. They get fractional shares of real stock. Users can also start their own collection of favorite stocks. Stockpile acquired the Y Combinator company SparkGift in 2016. [4]


Investors include Sequoia Capital and Ashton Kutcher. [1]

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