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Steepshot is a blockchain -powered censorship-resistant social platform that you can use to share photos with your family and friends. Users can earn crypto rewards for curating content attracting others to engage with their work. Steepshot is sometimes referred to as the "Decentralized Instagram ​." [3]

Steepshot is the first photo-sharing Steem powered application. All rewards are generated by the Steemit blockchain. Steem is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Every day, a fixed reward pool is distributed among all users on the Steem blockchain. By upvoting content, you can control how much every post should receive. Users on Steepshot will be rewarded with STEEM and SBD (Steem dollars) which can be exchanged for fiat currencies, reinvested or held on to. [1]

To create a post:

  • Click “Create post”
  • Enter a title
  • Add tags simply by typing them with spaces in between
  • Now you can add description to your photo (optional)
  • Click the button “Create new post”

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