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Steemhunt is a community for product enthusiasts who love to learn about new products and discuss them with others. The platform rewards hunters with cryptocurrency in the form of STEEM tokens for producing content (posts, comments, etc.) and HUNT tokens for their overall contributions to the community. It is considered the blockchain version of Product Hunt .[1]


Steemhunt operates on the Steem blockchain. Content-generated actions provide users with the opportunity to get rewarded with STEEM tokens.

Since March 2018, over 50,000 products have been shared on Steemhunt's platform. The average reward for each Hunt post is $3.27 (as of March 12, 2019).[1]

HUNT Token

In 2018, Steemhunt developed a HUNT token, which is specifically geared towards early adopters and product influencers. The platform created a daily ranking community for cool new products. This incentivizes people (Hunters) to share innovative products and compete with others more frequently.[4]

The HUNT Token economy is a decentralized token system which rewards product influencers and helps them buy innovative products. It is also meant to helps innovators (Makers) reach out to these influencers to promote their product.[4]

Each Hunter has a user score, which measures their overall contributions in the community; they are rewarded with HUNT tokens.

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