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A Norwegian ​ collective name for small whales [1] ​. Springar ​ is also a Norwegian folk dance.


Predominantly greyish-green claystones interbedded with stringers of carbonates and sandstones, which have been targeted as hydrocarbon exploration targets in several deep-water wells in the Vøring and Møre Basins of the Norwegian Sea ​ of Norway ​, like in the Asterix ​ discovery, and in the Gjallar Ridge and Obelix ​, Gullris wells [1] ​.


The base is defined by a marked increase in interval transit time shown by the sonic log from the underlying Nise Formation into the Springar Formation [1] ​.

Distribution and thickness

The Campanian to Maastrichtian age Springar Formation is part of the Shetland Group, and is roughly the time-equivalent of the Jorsalfare Formation of the Northern North Sea and the Ekofisk and Hod Formations of the Southern North Sea. The Springar Formation is regionally extensive in the Norwegian Sea ​ and is absent only on parts of the Nordland Ridge. The Springar Formation is 169 m thick in the type well 6506/12-4, from 2380 m to 2211 m;  and 167 m thick in the reference well 6506/12-1 [1] ​.


Upper Cretaceous ​, Campanian to Maastrichtian stages [1] ​.

Depositional Environment

Open marine to deep-marine, the sands have been deposited as deep-marine turbidite lobes [1] ​.

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