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Spike Ventures is a venture capital fund for Stanford University alumni that invests in alumni-connected ventures. [3] [1]


Spike Ventures' name comes from the golden spike that was driven by Leland Stanford to finish the First Transcontinental Railroad across the nation, ushering a new era of commerce, transportation and expansion for the United States. Spike Ventures' mission is to take audacious bets like Leland Stanford did to improve the world by investing in and for the Stanford Alumni network. [1]

Spike Ventures is led by Founder and Managing Director, Andre de Baubigny and Catherine Lu, the Principal of the fund. Spike Ventures is part of the Alumni Ventures Group. [4]

Investment Strategy

Spike Ventures focuses on making 15 – 30 investments per fund, diversified by stage, sector, and geography. They co-invest with strong lead investors including Andreessen Horowitz, 500 Startups, Blockchain Capital, and many more . Spike Ventures is able to get access to deals because of their strong alumni network, meaningful check size, and low friction approach to investing. [1]


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