Sons of Yusuf

Sons of Yusuf is a Kuwaiti hip-hop​ duo.[5]​ It was formed by two brothers, Ya'koob and Humble Abdul, in 2012.[4]

Early Years

Sons of Yusuf were born in Kuwait​. Their family moved to Los Angeles when the Gulf War​ happened.

They grew up​ listening to several hip-hop artists. Their name comes from their father Yusuf, who encouraged the two boys to pursue their dreams of music and art. Many of their influences stem from 1990's rappers and producers, including Nas​, Yasiin Bey, Talib KweliMadlib2PacThe Notorious BIG​, Timbaland, and The Roots​. They also developed their sound after listening to alternative hip-hop, including Jay Electronica​, J Dilla​, and Shafiq Husayn (from Sa-Ra​).[4]

Other inspirations come from R&B and reggae artists among the likes of Marvin Gaye​, Bob Marley​, SadeErykah Badu​. They also have a number of inspirations who made music in Arabic, including Omar Khairat​ and Fairuz​.[4]


Sons of Yusuf started making music in 2012. The began by making covers of notable songs including, "Niggas in Paris​" by Jay Z​ and Kanye West[+]​ and "We Dem Boyz​" by Wiz Khalifa​;[+] ​in the last few years, their lyrics evolved to incorporate religious, spiritual, and historical themes. Sons of Yusuf's 2017 single, "One Time," went #1 in several Middle Eastern countries and has received over 6 million views on YouTube.

Sheik The World

The Sons of Yusuf are currently working on their first album, Sheik The World.[4]

Sons of Yusuf

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