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Somatic Labs is a hardware startup that is developing technology that augments human perception. Somatic Labs is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

About the Company

Somatic Labs was started by Shantanu Bala after working on a series of experiments at Arizona State University. Shantanu spent six years at the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing exploring the ways haptic feedback could be used to create assistive and rehabilitative technologies. After incorporating haptic feedback into chairs, gloves, and body suits, he left Arizona State University to pursue a 2014 Thiel Fellowship.

After developing the design concept for Moment, he was joined by Ajay Karpur and Jake Rockland. Ajay brings his background in signal processing, electronics engineering, and neuroscience. Jake brings experience with firmware development, full stack web development, and iOS development.


Somatic Labs' first device, Moment, is the first wearable to communicate information entirely through the user's sense of touch using precise haptic feedback.

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