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Skateboarding is a sport, a recreational activity, an art form, a job or a means of transport.

Tutorial (13 steps):

  • Visit a local Skateshop or a site specializing in skateboarding. Before visiting a local shop, first choose the style & design of skateboard . Just talking to other people who pose skateboard learn things about what kind of board, wheels, etc. worth buying.
  • Do get (buy or borrow) equipment. A skateboard can be expensive (150RON - 700RON), but try to buy something that will stand for a while. Ask a friend who has experienced or skilled seller to suggest a manufacturer.
  • Get used to the plate. Try to understand how it works, how one balance skateboard etc.
  • Find a good place to ride the skate. A place straight asphalt is perfect and without obstacles (eg parking)
  • Try to find someone willing to teach. Ask the local Skateshop sites or going to places where others give and look at them.
  • Find comfortable position on the plate. There skateboard [1] wrong position as long as feeling comfortable and balanced. Most prefer to keep feet off the wheel.
  • Find leg to give momentum. Most use the back foot towards the direction where want to travel.
  • Get the momentum. Go slowly at first and gradually increase the speed. Practice until one is sure of the skateboarding.
  • Keep knees bent. When moving, it is important to bend knees. Better balanced, and turn more easily absorb bumps on land.
  • Keep balance. Practice until, one will become comfortable on board.
  • Turns. As to transfer must let the weight on the toes or heels depending on the direction where want to go. Greatly help to turn head and shoulders in the direction where want to go.
  • Stop. When want to stop, put picorul back on the street and stop.
  • Practice as much. Try to spend as much time with other people who pose skateboard. It will learn what to do and how to do.
  • Skateboard Deck. Try to choose the best skateboard deck [2] as it helps in maintaining the balance as well as helps in learning the skateboarding fast.
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