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Shinichiro Isago is a businessman with deep knowledge of the tech landscape. He is Head of the Business Platform Department at Line Corporation. [1]


Shinichiro graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he studied Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, Production Management, and Scheduling. [2]


Isago developed a strong foundation in business and tech when he started working for Oracle Japan. He began as a tech consultant for manufacturing companies, and ended his 6 year run in the Business Development division where he collaborated with handfuls of startups. He went on to work as a Consultant for Global Consulting firm, Roland Berger and then spent the next few years as a Product Manager, guiding IT startup Realcom to a successful IPO.

Shinichiro's experience at Oracle came full circle when he snagged a job at Microsoft. As Evangelism manager he was responsible for leading a team of 10+ technical evangelists focusing on developing new business opportunities with innovative startups. During this time Isago co-authored a book examining Microsoft's Cloud Computing strategy and providing practical examples for building cloud based applications for Microsoft Azure. [3]

In 2016 Isago became the Head of Business Platform Development at Line Corporation where he is in charge of business strategy with a special focus on AI and Chatbot. Shinichiro is in charge of developer relations for all of LINE. Here is a timeline of LINE's 2018 blockchain strategy under Shinichiro's watch: [4]


Isago has made it clear that his interest in Blockchain is purely utilitarian. In an interview with Blockchain-Insight, he said: [4]

Compared to other blockchain players, what makes LINE a bit unique is that we’re constantly asking if using the blockchain will make users happy and benefit them. If you’re only pursuing technical advancement and performance, it doesn’t have to be blockchain.

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