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Close up selfie​ of Shauna Cleary [5]

Shauna Cleary is a former prison officer ​ from Pontypridd, Wales. ​In April 2018 she was sentenced to a 16-week suspended sentence ​ a form of probation ​ with no jail time after sending text messages​ to an inmate on a contraband phone. The inmate, Kurt Jarman ​, allegedly hid the phone in his cell so they could have a texting relationship. [2] [4]


In 2015, Shauna Cleary graduated from the University of South Wales ​ with a bachelor's degree ​ in Public Services ​. She previously graduated from Pontypridd High School ​. [5]


Shauna Cleary was employed by the security services company, G4S ​ as prison officer from August 2016 to November 2017. She was worked at HM Prison Parc ​ a private prison for adult and juvenile male offenders in Bridgend, Wales ​. [2]

Criminal Record

In April 2018 Shauna Cleary was given a 16-week suspended sentence ​ after pleading guilty to misconduct in public office for having a text affair with an inmate. She allegedly sent messages to an inmate, Kurt Jarman, on a secret mobile phone he had hidden in his cell. Jarman was sentenced to an additional 6 months in prison for possessing a mobile phone in prison and Cleary was ordered to complete 15 days of rehabilitation activity as part of her punishment. [2]

Photo of the inmate, Kurt Jarman ​. [4]

Sentencing Judge Williams said Shauna Cleary had been "terribly compromised and vulnerable to being manipulated". [4]

Shauna Cleary started a personal relationship with inmate, Kurt Jarman ​ while she worked at HM Prison Parc from August 2016 to November 2017. [2]

Kurt Jarman was serving a 10-year sentence for attacking a 77-year-old man with a Stanley knife having forced his way into the pensioner's house in 2015. He was jailed and sent to the HM Parc prison in March 2016. D uring a three-hour attack, the 22-year-old amateur rugby ​ player ransacked his victim's house, eventually marched him to an ATM having  demanded £5,000. Jarman was drunk when he forced his way into the house in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales ​ and punched the 77-year-old to the floor. [2]

Cardiff Crown Court heard Shauna Cleary gave her number to the prisoner and sent him messages on a contraband ​ phone he had hidden in his cell. [2]

Prosecutor Joanna James said analysis revealed Kurt Jarman called Shauna Cleary in August 2017, which was the catalyst for the relationship "gaining momentum". [2]

Cleary sent the prisoner two messages on October 1 but the content was not known. She was later arrested and her phone and laptop ​ were seized. [2]

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