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Real name Sedi Abdulraheem Shafihi, Popularly known as shafogrin [2] ​ is An indigene of Ebese,Ivbiaro In Owan East Local government area of Edo State, Nigeria.

was born on the 28th of June, 1996. His father Late Hon Sedi Abdulraheem was a businessman and a politician while the mother Mrs Sadiketu Sedi also is a business mogul which deals with transportation of agricultural products from one state or region to another.

he is the third out of four children by his mother while he is the only male child begotten by his mother.

His father on the other hand has a second wife as permitted by his religion Islam. The father has nine children altogether, four from his first wife and then five from the second wife.

Shafogrin has three full sisters namely; adiza [3] ​, Lubabetu [4] ​ Sabity [5] ​ and Elizabeth, them five half sisters namely Becky [6] ​, Aliat [7] ​, Zainab,Zuri and Barakat.

He started his primary school education at Irehitaohi college and ended it at Command children school. While his secondary education kicked off at Oba Akinbiyi higher school then Rounded up at Mayfair secondary school.

he got his National Diploma at Federal Polytechnic auchi [8] ​ in the year 2017.

He currently works partime at an IT institute while he's preparing to embark on his final phase of the polytechnic he got his diploma from.

he is into music and has has released officially two music tracks [9] ​ to his name so far and currently working on a soon to be released Mixtape.

he is the founder and current head of Grinmehn Worldwide Enterprise which houses Grinmehn Worldwide Entertainment, Grin Internet Links and First Grade ICT.

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