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At first glance, this bottom-dwelling sea creature can remind us of our favorite home-made pancake drizzled with cheese and chocolate syrup. But behind its harmless look, this sea slug (scientifically known as nudibranch) hides a fierce appetite. [1]

Popularly known as “high-fashioned models” of the sea, nudibranch get their captivating colors from the creatures they eat. Sea “pancakes”, for example, are just as carnivorous as other species, feeding on a variety of animals ranging from barnacle, sea anemone, sponge, hydroid, and even other nudibranchs. [1]

Fact: Found in the Philippines ’ Verde Island Passage, the pancake-shaped nudibranch shown above is only one of the 800 species inhabiting the country. Nudibranch are Hermaphrodites which means they can either be male or female in any occasion. Special tentacles on their heads—called rhinophores—help sea pancakes to move, smell, and taste their prey. [1]

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