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Scotty refers to the nickname given to the largest, oldest, and heaviest Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in documented history. The fossil was discovered in Saskatchewan, Canada.[1]

Scotty will be on display in a new exhibit at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in May 2019.[1]


Scotty's skeleton was discovered in 1991. At the time of the discovery, the Tyrannosaurus bones were locked in hard sandstone. The stone was removed over a decade later and fully assembled to examine.

Researchers nicknamed to the Tyrannosaurus fossil as 'Scotty,' which alludes to the night the fossil celebratory scotch that was imbibed.[1]

According to paleontologists, Scotty's fossil is over 66 million years old and is over 42 feet long. Based on the size of the fossil, researchers estimate that Scotty weighed about 9.7 tons, making him the heaviest carnivorous dinosaur ever found.[1] Researchers claim that the dinosaur lived for around 30 years.[1]


Researchers who examined Scotty the Tyrannosaurus include W. Scott Persons IV, Philip J. Currie, and Gregory M. Erikson; Persons and Erickson represent the University of Alberta's Department of Biological Sciences and Erikson represents Florida State University.[2] Together, they published a study that was released in March 2019.[1]

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