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Scolcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency ​ made by people and backed by consensus and committees of entrepreneurs. Blockchain technology from Scolcoin (SCOL)  revolutionizes altruism by aligning economic incentives in a decentralized community.

The Scolcoin project is a technological platform with a decentralized open accounting book, specially designed to find resources for Latin American ONG, through the solidarity Blockchain ​, Start up ​ Social seeks the adoption of social cryptocurrency in international markets, through of social and corporate responsibility for the benefit of solidarity projects and non-governmental entities that will benefit from the process.

The Scolcoin Social Project in its creation stage was presented to the community as the ecological Colombian cryptocurrency for reaching the Proof of Stake phase, achieving positioning and recognition in LatAm. Its Genesis Block ​ was made on January 3, 2018, the committees and presence in communities were formed.

Space for local Exchange ​ was created, generating a healthy ecosystem and adoption for Scolcoin Cryptocurrency ​.Thanks to the partnerships with different portals at a regional level, we achieved brand recall.

A project in progress and in social evolution in Latin America. Every day an achievement and security for investors.

The main objective of the currency is the solidary project, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the cryptocurrency for Ong ​ or solidarity projects that benefit the community in general are deposited. Once a year, a vote will be held to choose the most valuable project for the volunteers (miners, nodes, affiliates, partners, affiliates) "


Scolcoin is currently in Proof of stake ​
It is a great opportunity to have the Scol — Colombian Cryptocurrency with Latin American recognition and the beginning of a great project.


"The Cryptocurrency ​ SColcoin thinks about the planet, it does not generate high consumption thanks to the mining in POS, it has ecological conscience helps to lower the high consumption of electricity of the Pow ​ system and the consumerism it generates with basic equipment, graphic cards, etc. the SCol is based on Proof of stake ​ (PoS) has been a form of incentives, the more currencies you have in your wallet, the more you help the network and the more reward you will have".


Scolcoin's official website:  [2] ​
Scolcoin Blockchain Explorer: [3] ​

active crypto included in [4] ​

Information based on Exchange in Latam ​


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