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SCDE Ventures is an investment and advisory platform with a special focus on the volatile cryptocurrency space.


SCDE Ventures was founded in 2016 by Aleksei Antonov. SCDE Ventures, which is short for "suicide ventures", is aptly named because the company focuses on crypto projects that traditional investors would find suicidal. SCDE Ventures is driven by a math-model investment engine that allows investors to spot market transformations on the fly. [2]

SCDE Ventures specializes in investments geared towards early-stage blockchain companies and tokens. Here's a list of services they offer for early token/seed investment companies:

  • Framework for the business model review
  • Advisory and mentorship
  • Blockchain technology consulting on which consensus algorithm works best for you or which platform to choose to launch the token
  • Legal support
  • Calculations of the tokenomics and help with business-model improvements

However, SCDE Ventures also provides support for existing blockchain companies too. Some of the services available are:

  • Growth hacking
  • Upgrade of the tokenomics
  • Reboost and anti-crisis marketing
  • Advisory on business operations
  • Aftermarket support program
    Technology commercialization paths

R&D Laboratory

SCDE Ventures has a Data Warehouse for collecting, recording, and long-term storage of real-time crypto markets data. As of 2019 SCDE Ventures provides real-time data on 65-80% of all crypto exchanges, they are actively tracking 2,095 coins, and 4,314 crypto instruments. [3]


SCDE Ventures supports the following companies with investments and/or expertise:,,,,,,,,, and [2]

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