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Scatter is a browser plugin that provides users with a secure framework for interacting with web applications and allows them to interact with multiple blockchains, including EOS and Ethereum). [4] [3]

  • Authenticate with websites without passwords using asymmetrical encryption, similar to how Facebook login works but without ever touching an external server.
  • Sign blockchain transactions without exposing private keys. Scatter receives transactions from web applications and returns only signatures for the transactions.
  • Websites can request personal information from a user's Scatter such as anemail, first/last name, date of birth, or a location (address, city, state, country, zipcode, phone ).
  • Web Applications will never be able to get any information about a user without their explicit consent. [3]

By allowing web applications to be able to request personal information such as an email along with a transaction signature users get the benefit of single-click transactions instead of having to be lead through multi-page forms. [5]

Scatter's RIDL (Reputation and Identity Layer) allows Identities registered with it to become unique across all networks and Blockchains, gain and give reputation, and take part in a global effort to elevate the entire web's safety by creating a decentralized blacklist/whitelist of applications in a Sybil resistant manner. [6]

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