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Satoshi Disk[1] is an online marketplace that enables individuals who possess content of value, to sell their data to people willing to buy it. Satoshi Disk uses a “drop panel” for sellers so as to allow them to upload information that can help prospective buyers get an idea of the service. This program has been made for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and users can observe that most of the files that can be seen on are usually Bitcoin related. All transactions on the platform are executed using Bitcoin transfers and cannot be reversed once BTC has been transferred.


SatoshiDisk uses a simple algorithm and asks the sellers to upload their files on a common server (along with a price and BTC address), and then share a generated link with the potential buyer. If the customer is happy with the product, the deal goes through and SatoshiDisk receives a commission fee of 0.0002 BTC. [1]


Some users say that they have faced malware attacks as a result of visiting and using SatoshiDisk. [1]

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