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Sara H. Fletcher (Sara Hadley Fletcher) is an American model, actress and entrepreneur. She is also the daughter of record producer David W. Fletcher (musician) ​ and former model Rebecca O'Hara. [1]

Sara was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1983. Her family relocated to Florida in 1990. She is eldest child of David W. Fletcher and Rebecca O'Hara.

She began modeling while in college at the University of Michigan.

Sara has starred in several short films including the 2009 film Psych Ward .

In 2010, Sara bought the clothing boutique St. Marco with her sister Erin. In 2014, Sara along with her sisters, Erin and Jordan, opened a chain of boutiques called Influence Style.

Sara got married to French Baron, Olivier Le Rose in 2007 after three months of dating. They separated after a month of marriage. She began dating her current husband German millionaire, Tommy Weiss, while still married Le Rose. Fletcher and Weiss got engaged in 2010 following the birth of their eldest daughter. The pair got married in 2013. Fletcher and Weiss welcomed their seconded daughter in 2015.

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