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Samuel J. Klein is an educator ​, software developer ​, and Wikipedian. [5] ​ His interests centralize around the localization and sustainability of knowledge management, along with helping professionals understand the need and uses for free and open education ​ materials. [3] ​ He creates specializes in creating collaborative communities and develops advocacy and content partnerships for free universal access to education ​, knowledge, and tools. [9]

In addition, he was the former Executive Secretary and current trustee board member of the Wikimedia Foundation ​. [3]


Klein graduated from Harvard University ​ in 1999 and earned a Bachelor's ​ degree in physics ​. [12] ​ He studied abroad during his college career, as well, traveling to Germany ​, Kenya ​, and China ​ and gained knowledge about their respective languages. [12]

With his academic background in mathematics ​, algorithms ​, and language ​, Samuel Klein has used these elements to to develop software and support communities for machine-assisted human translation ​. He has also helped set up free education centers in the process. [12]


WikiMedia Foundation

Samuel has been involved in WikiMedia ​ projects, including Wikipedia ​, since 2004. [7]

In 2005, he published WikiMedia's first newsletter, and he published it in 6 languages. This led him to create a cross-project translation network and organizing an international WikiMedia conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts ​. [9]

In 2006, he served on WikiMedia's Communications and Special Projects Committees during their first year of existence. [9] ​ Later that year, he founded the Boston ​-area Wikipedia group and organized the bid and local team that hosted the WikiMania conference there. [9]

In addition to working online, he worked on offline Wikipedia distribution. This includes the WikiBrowse project , a wiki-based server and compressed set of wiki pages that together act as a self-contained browsable offline WikiReader ​. [11]

In August 2009, Samuel Klein was elected to the Wikimedia Foundation's board of trustees. [9]

In July 2010, he became the foundation's Executive Secretary. [10]

One Laptop Per Child

Samuel Klein was the Director of Outreach for the " One Laptop per Child ​" (OLPC) project, a non-profit initiative that aims to create educational opportunities for the poorest children by providing them with a low-cost, energy efficient laptop. [8]

From 2006 to 2008, Klein served as OLPC's Director of Content. [7]

He establishes ties with teachers, game developers, and publishers, helping them to understand the need and uses for free and open materials. [3] ​  He worked on software planning, database design ​, and management of global education ​ projects, including a collaborative multilingual dictionary, a translation software startup (later acquired by SDL ​), and an online school for computer science ​. [7]

Harvard University

While volunteering at several WikiMedia projects, Klein was a research and practice affiliate at Harvard University ​'s Berkman Center for Internet & Society ​. He organized several conferences about technology ​ and online collaboration ​, including WikiMania 2006 (the second annual WikiMedia conference). [7]

In addition, he worked on the Global Voices and Net Dialogue projects. [12]

Digital Public Library of America

From 2012 to 2015, Sam Klein was Technical Committee Chair for the Digital Public Library of America ​, the national digital platform for public libraries, museums, archives, and digital collections across the United States. [12]

The Underlay

Since 2016, Samuel started designing a distributed knowledge blockchain for fast collaboration through open science. [12]

Personal Life

Klein currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts ​. [7]

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