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[2] ​Sabeena Karki ( aka Sabina Karki , सबिना कार्की in Nepali ) is a popular radio jockey or radio personality and a journalist in Nepal. Karki started her career as a radio personality with one of Nepal’s most popular FM stations, Radio Kantipur, and spent more than a decade there, producing and running various entertainment programs.

In 2016, Karki left Radio Kantipur and started broadcasting her shows onlineon her website Sabscast and also through the audio sharing site Soundcloud.

In addition to working as a radio presenter, Karki is also involved in teaching and consultancy work.

Early Life & Education

Sabeena Karki was born on 18 February 1984 in Kathmandu district’s Kamalpokhari area as the eldest daughter of Netra Dhoj Karki and Rukmini Karki. She spent most of her childhood in Kathmandu, attending a boarding school with her siblings.

Sabeena Karki As A Radio Personality

A shy person as a child, Sabeena Karki grew up at a time when FM radios were mushrooming in Kathmandu. She grew up listening to various FM radio programs and quietly developed a passion to work as a RJ.

When she was just 16, in the year 2000, she took a job as a radio jockey (RJ) in Kantipur FM. The first program she ran was called Hindi Hungama and her job was to talk briefly about recently released popular Bolloywood songs and play them for listeners.

After an initial positive response of Hindi Hangama, after two years, in 2002, she started to run a new programme called Yo Maya Bhanne Cheej Yestai Ho (Yeah Love Is Like That). Intended for young listeners, the programme mainly comprised of love advices, love songs and letters sent by listeners. Yo Maya Bhanne Cheej Yestai Ho became instantly popular among Nepali youths and the success of the program made Sabeena a celebrity in Nepal.

In the years to come, Karki ran several programs in Radio Kantipur and have involved herself in other activities. A fervent advocate of women rights in Nepal, Sabeena has also worked as a media trainer, lecturer of media and mass communications and a media consultant in international aid agencies.

In 2016, Karki decided to leave Radio Kantipur with an aim to work independently mainly using modern means of mass communications. Shortly after leaving Kantipur, she introduced an online channel called SabsCast and have interviewed prominent Nepali figures for her podcast channel.

Personal Life

In a blog post, Karki’s younger sister Sazeena Karki writes describing her elder sister:

[1] ​Two and half years elder than me, I would describe her as a charismatic person. Extremely straight forward, zero diplomatic, reckless spender, a food lover and too kiddish at times describe my sister better. I grew up seeing her ambition for studying and working hard. I always remember, she writing a “R.J, Radio Jockey” as her ambition in everybody’s slam book at school. She used to mimic like a RJ and used to ask us questions as if we are her listeners.  And today, she is one of the most popular RJ in town. Her passion for achieving her ambition has always taught me that through hard work anything is possible.

Karki got married to Anil Parajuli on 9 February 2011. Parajuli is a graduate of Drake University, Iowa, USA and reportedly returned to Nepal after spending a decade in the USA, with an ambition to contribute to his home country.

Sabeena Karki on Social Media

Sabeena Karki has a huge follower base on social media and is an active user of social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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