Ryan Cummings

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Ryan Cummings is an American teenage Cheerleader who went viral on the internet after a video from the Spirit of Hope National Championship competition perfectly captures a moment when she demonstrates her smug confidence. [1] [2] She went on to become one of the top Memes on the internet on January, 2018. [3] [4]

Selfie of Ryan Cummings she has shared on BuzzFeed.


Cummings is a native of the state of North Carolina where she has lived most of her life. She is currently an 8th grade student. [5] [6]


Cummings has been a cheerleader for a few years and has been a part of several competitions. She is on the squad for Senior Elite. [7] [8]

Viral Internet meme

On January 16th, 2018, a video was posted on YouTube by Cheer Extreme of

Video of the cheer competition that Ryan Cummings was a part of, and where the Meme eventually came from.

the cheer squad, Senior Elite, performing at the Spirit of Hope National Championship competition. [9] A moment during the end of their performance, one cheerleader stood out for her smugness and confidence displayed within the frame of the camera while the cheerleader is onstage. The cheerleader is Cummings. [10]

That same day, Cummings' moment on stage at the competition went viral. People began to post her gif all over Twitter and other Social media platforms. [11]

A user on Twitter, @SEtotheleft, posted a gif of Cummings. The post has since gotten more than 40 million views. [12]

Another user, @dailyjoshifer, posted the video with the caption “white feminists after drawing a uterus on a poster.” [13]

When Cummings was asked about how she feels about becoming an internet meme, she says: "It's crazy and it's kind of weird and funny. I never thought I'd see my face on so many social media pages." [14]

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