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Ronald J. Spencer Jr., better known as Ronny J or Ronny J Listen Up , is an American producer, rapper, and DJ based in Miami, Florida ​. [2] ​ He has worked with Denzel Curry ​, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, XXXTentacion ​, $ki Mask the Slump God ​, Rich Chigga ​, The Underachievers ​, Keith Ape ​, Pouya, Skrillex ​, and more. [10] [9] ​ Some of Ronny's most notable songs include "Ultimate," "Threatz," "Audi," "I'm Sippin Tea in Yo Hood," "Gospel." "Phantom," "Fingers Blue," and "Smoke My Dope." [2]


Early Life

Being interviewed about the creation of the "Ultimate" beat

Ronny is originally for Southern New Jersey ​. [8] ​ He grew up listening to Church music with his family and would drum on the pots and pans that he found in the church. [15] ​ When he was 5-years-old, his parents would get him a drum set. [15] ​ It was not until middle school that Ronny began to listen to contemporary hip hop at the time including The Clipse ​, Lil Wayne ​, and Rick Ross ​. [10] ​ In high school, Ronny was in his school's marching band with future G.O.O.D. Music producer Charlie Heat who would inspire Ronny to start producing. [10] ​ Ronny would spend his time watching YouTube tutorials on how to produce with Reason (software). [15] ​ After spending a semester at Florida Memorial College ​, he transferred back to his home state to attend Camden County College ​. [10]

Career Beginnings

Ronny would transfer again to the Art Institute of Miami where he met Denzel Curry ​. [9] ​ He would later drop out due to it's high tuition and was couch-surfing in strangers houses. [10] ​ Ronny considers this a difficult time in his life and had zero family in Florida to support him. [10] ​ The only reason why he stayed down there was because of music and working with Denzel. [9]

Rise and Success

Ronny J and $ki Mask the Slump God

Ronny briefly enrolled in Barry University ​ via late registration, but barely went to class. Instead, he learned Logic Pro ​. One night, his anger inspired him to create a number of instrumentals and passed it along to Denzel's manager. [9] ​ One beat in particular became his first hit song "Threatz." [9] ​ Their follow up "Ultimate" would receive a co-sign from Chris Brown ​ and got notcied by the wider music industry. [9]

Ronny is a member of Denzel Curry ​’s Miami-based hip hop collective C9 and is currently signed to Atlantic Records ​. [7]

On February 23rd, 2018, Ronny released his debut album OMGRONNY . [19]

Musical Sound

Ronny describes his sound as unorthodox and going against the grain. [9] ​ He tries to produce beats that are "hard as fuck, really gritty and dirty." [10] ​ He is also inspired by EDM and enjoys patronizing raves. [10] ​ Everything that Ronny makes is unique and he never copies something he has already made. [10]

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