Ron Artest III

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Ron Artest III is an American student and basketball player based in Los Angeles, California ​. [1] [2] [3] [4] ​ He is the oldest son of future NBA hall of fame and former Lakers champions​, Metta World Peace ​. [5] [6]

Ron Artest III helps from the weak side to deliver a nasty block.


Early Life

Ron was born and raised in the midwest of the United States ​ to parents Ronald William Artest Jr. and ​Kimsha Artest. [7] ​ He has two sisters, Sadie and Diamond. He also has a younger step brother named, Jeron. [8] [9]

Ron Artest III with his father, Ron artest ​.

Artest grew up in the city of Zionsville, Indiana and also moved around with his parents. [10] ​ By the time he was a teenager, he and his family settled in California ​. He currently lives in the city of Los Angeles. [11]


Although Ron III was born into a basketball family and grew up watching his father play the sport professionally, he did not start playing the game himself until he was an older kid in his early teens. [12] ​ According to his father, he did not play an official game in an organized basketball league until the age of 14 years old. [13] ​ Since then, Ron has put in the hard work that has led to be recognized nationally as a high school phenom in the state of California ​. [14]

Ron Artest III delivering a big dunk.

High School

Pacific Palisades High School

While a freshman at Palisades High, Ron began to show interest in the game of Basketball. [15] ​ Initially, he had no interest at all in the game growing up and it wasn't until his freshman year that he decided he wanted to play the game. [16]

In his Sophomore year, he led his team in rebounds during the season and post-season. [17]

Beverly Hills High School

In his Junior year he joined the varsity basketball team for Beverly High and became a force to reckoned with a two star national rating. [18] ​ He finished his senior year with a strong position to be considered for a 2021 NBA draft. [19]

Youtube Video
Metta World Peace & His SON Lead COMEBACK @ Drew League! Ron Artest III Plays Like Metta!.

Drew League ​/AAU

During the summer of 2017, Ron joined his father, Ron artest ​, to be a part of the Drew League team called, Pandas. [20] [21]

He has also played games on the AAU summer circuit. [22]

Personal Life

Before developing his passion for the game of basketball, Ron's interest was in modeling. [23] ​ He is good friends with Bella Hadid ​ and Kylie Jenner ​. [24]

Ron is good friends with Shareef O'Neal ​ and LaMelo Ball ​ along with several other popular basketball-athletes. [25] [26]

Ron Artest III dunking.

His brother, Jeron, plays basketball for the Hillcrest Program in Arizona. [27]

Ron often trains with his father Metta World Peace ​ at the John Wooden Center basketball gym in UCLA. [✔] ​ The two also trained at the ​ Lakers' gym. [29]

Ron is a driver of the Tesla. [30]

In an interview with TMZ ​, Ron has stated that he can beat LiAngelo Ball ​ in a one on one basketball game. [31]

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