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Rodrigo Alves (born July 30, 1983) is a Brazilian born and British TV/Media personality, actor ​, and plastic surgery ambassador known globally for his remarkable story of transformation through plastic surgeries, his unique fashion style and as a positive role model for those with body image issues. [2] [3] He is known by the nickname "The Human Ken Doll" due to his resemblance of Barbie's male counterpart. [73]

The Human Ken Doll
The Human Ken Doll

Rodrigo is represented by Ugly Models, a London-based agency. [73]


He received his BA(Hons) in Public Relations at London College of Communication. [9]


Rodrigo Alves  is known as a real human life doll after his extreme make over with plastic surgeries and so far to date he has spent £518 British pounds. [9] , Rodrigo Alves is a TV personality  based in London  he is often seen at the best hot spots in town hanging out with well known celebrities.


He has graced the covers of GQ, InTouch Weekly, Forbes, and Us Weekly. [7] [6] Rodrigo has been featured in various tv shows, chat shows, including reality television worldwide. [3] [6]


Doctor Andrew Ordon from the tv show the doctors awarded Rodrigo Alves with a very prestigious award for being the most inspirational personality of 2016 at The Aesthetic Academy awards show in Los Angeles, California. [20]

Winning the most inspirational figure award 2016
Winning the most inspirational figure award 2016

Personal Life

Rodrigo was born in São Paulo, Brazil and is an heir of his grandparents assets in Spain. [3] He speaks Portugese, Spanish, French, and English. [3]

He lives between London and Marbella ( Puerto Banús). [6]

Mr. Alves' body is insured for up to £1 million. [30]

Business Ventures

Rodrigo owns a Holiday property business in Puerto Banús ( Marbella) where he rents all his own apartments and flats to those on vacation.

As of November 2016, he is currently working on his life style mobile app as well as an autobiography.

Also in the works is a new documentary TV show ( Plastics of Hollywood) about body image and plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgeries and Cosmetic Procedures to Date

  • Before / after photo
    Before / after photo
    cervical full face lift
  • lip lifting
  • bucal pad fat removal
  • jaw line reconstruction
  • 1 x chin implant silicone made my slimed
  • 2x eye lifting
  • 2x eye brown lifting
  • 2x ears pined back
  • 2 x facelift with steams cells
  • 7 x rhinoplasty
  • 2 x hair implants
  • 6x 3D face reshape Hyaluronic acid
  • 600ML of AquaLift gel fillers at biceps, triceps and shoulders
  • 2 x chest Silicone implants made by Slimed
  • lip fillers with juvederm voluma
  • Neck lift with POD treads
  • 1x Brazilian Butt Lift
  • fat trasfer
  • leg lipo
  • 3 times back lipo
  • 2x abdominal etiching fake six pack
  • 4x times high definition lipo.
  • Before <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/Plastic_surgery/" data-username="Plastic_surgery" href="/Plastic_surgery/">Plastic surgery</a>
    Before Plastic surgery
    Jaw lipo
  • Neck Lipo
  • calf reshape

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Television Appearances

Rodrigo has gained international fame for his plastic surgeries and has appeared on numerous television shows around the world. [3] [2] live chat shows, reality tv shows, documentaries.

List of Rodrigo Alves  tv shows as follow.

Guinness World Record

In February 2017, Rodrigo was offered the award for 'Most Cosmetic Procedures' by the Guinness World Records. [76]

Health Problems

In July 2017, it was revealed that Alves had 3 nose jobs in the past 12 months. He had gotten an MRSA ​ infection as well and could no longer breathe through his nose. Doctor Paul Nassif ​ told him if he has surgery again immediately, his nose could turn black and fall off. [79]


In February 2018, Alves signed a six-figure movie deal with Warner Bros ​, in which he can play himself. [82] [81]

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