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Rocket [1] [2] is a web framework for Rust that makes it simple to write fast web applications without sacrificing flexibility or type safety. All with minimal code.


  • Type Safe: From request to response Rocket ensures that your types mean something.
  • Boilerplate Free: Spend your time writing code that really matters, and let Rocket generate the rest.
  • Easy To Use: Rocket makes extensive use of Rust's code generation tools to provide a clean API.
  • Extensible: Easily create your own primitives that any Rocket application can use.
  • Templating: Rocket makes rendering templates a breeze with built-in templating support.
  • Cookies: View, add, or remove cookies, with or without encryption, without hassle.
  • Streams: Rocket streams all incoming and outgoing data, so size isn't a concern.
  • Config Environments: Configure your application your way for development, staging, and production.
  • Query Strings: Handling query strings and parameters is type-safe and easy in Rocket.
  • Testing Library: Unit test your applications with ease using the built-in testing library.


Hello, Rocket!

extern crate rocket;

fn hello(name: String, age: u8) -> String {
format!("Hello, {} year old named {}!", age, name)

fn main() {
rocket::ignite().mount("/", routes![hello]).launch();

This is a complete Rocket application. It does exactly what you would expect. If you were to visit http://localhost:8000/hello/John/58, you’d see:

Hello, 58 year old named John!

If someone visits a path with an <age> that isn’t a u8 , Rocket doesn’t blindly call hello . Instead, it tries other matching routes or returns a 404 .

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