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Robot [-_-] is an American photographer ​ and videographer ​ based in Los Angeles known for legally changing her name to "Robot". [1] [2] [3] ​ An eccentric artist known for her humor and style as a one-person team, Robot has worked weddings, events, couples, portraits, boudoir, nudes, fashion, corporate, headshots, lifestyle, and maternity. [4] [5]

Photo taken of Robot, the Photographer.


Born and raised in Arkansas ​, Robot attended Midland High School ​ where she was a part of student council as the class treasurer. [6]


After high school, she attended AIH where she graduated Bachelor's degree ​ in multimedia ​. [7] [8]

GIF of the intro for Cult Studio, the production company of Robot.


After working as a pharmacy technician ​ for 8 years, she decided to quit and follow her dreams as a photographer after entrepreneurs such as Tim ferris ​ and Chris Guillebeau ​ inspired her to make the decision. [9] ​ She would soon cash out her 401k and invest in her photography tools. She then moved to California where she worked throughout various places in SoCal ​. [10]

She  started her career at the top as a high-end weddings photographer for a production company called Wind Productions. [11] ​ She also worked as a photographer for School Portraits Kranz and South Coast Photographic. The latter company consisted of taking photographs of high school students and print ID cards. [12]

Photo of prosthetic vaginas taken by Robot.

She has also worked as a Pre-press technician for Harvest Productions, a printing company that manufactures canvas for Costco ​'s "Your Photo on Canvas". [13] ​ Some time after she was the Office manager and the photographer of CCIMAGES, where she quickly became the studio manager. From 2012 to 2013, she was the portrait photographer for Gerardy School Portraits. [14]

Face America Project

Throughout the year of 2013, Robot documented The Face America Project which was created by Anna Judd, a talented artist and marathon runner. Judd ran from California to New York in order to capture America's attention as the first woman to run across the country within 90 days. [15]

Photo of Rabbi Cohen by Robot.

Wind Productions

For several years, Robot has been a part of Wind Productions, a Wedding Photography production team. [16] ​ Most of her bookings are clients from the Persian and Jewish community: weddings, TTD sessions, engagement sessions, and some parties. This was a part-time weekend position. [17]

Cult Studio

At Cult Studio, a production company where she is part owner, she acts the creative director of the projects. [18]

Self-photo of Robot Photographer.

Personal Life

Robot loves Hip hop ​ and often sings along to songs by Migos ​ and BlocBoy JB ​. [✔]

She is a practitioner of Yōga ​. [19]

As an activist involved in caring for Veterans and older people, she is also a photography teacher for senior citizens in the Westwood ​/ Brentwood ​ area. [✔]

After working for Wind Productions, she legally changed her name to Robot. [20] ​Although there's sarcasm in her idea of having a legal name like Robot as she is an eccentric artist - in reality, works like a machine. [21]

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